Which Oil Is Best For Baby Massage?

Touch is the first sense that a baby develops while still in the womb. It is the most developed sense at birth and provides that connection, acceptance, and sense of belonging. It is also through the sense of touch that can be used to communicate love, comfort, and security. Also, through the sense of touch, it helps every baby to adjust to the outside world while still inside the womb. And the best way for parents to communicate the tender, love, and care to their babies is effectively done through massage.

More About Infant Massage

Infant massage plays a vital role in the physical and emotional development of babies. Actually, it is both beneficial to parents as well. There had been various forms of this soothing massage around the world and had been practiced for hundreds of years. Based on the mother’s instinctive desire to touch her baby, this kind of massage was developed to include a series of gentle strokes and movements. It is also done to gently awaken as well as stimulate the infant’s body systems.

Some studies suggest that those babies having this kind of massage have shown to sleep better and even gain weight. That is how fantastic massage can benefit your child. Experts highly advise parents to practice giving massage to their baby when it is already eight weeks old. But even before reaching that age, parents are encouraged to do generous skin contact to their baby right from birth.

Learning the basic strokes and massage movement is essential.  As in every massage lesson, there is lotion or massage oils are required to be used. However, which oil is best for baby massage?

Choosing the Best Oil – Is This Safe for My Baby?

Choosing for the best can be a bit challenging – there are a lot of oils that you can choose from. All these oils are useful and safe for the baby’s skin, but some are better used during a specific season. Let’s check on the following oils suitable for the specific season:

In Summer

  • Sesame Oil – this oil is light and gets easily absorbed by the skin, keeping baby comfortable even during the summertime. Sesame oil has vitamins (A, B, E), minerals, and antibacterial properties that are suitable for babies having sensitive skin.
  • Coconut Oil – this type of oil is light in texture and has a cooling effect. Coconut oil has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties – no wonder it is highly recommended to be used during the summertime and even during winter months. You can also use cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

In Winter

  • Almond Oil – for infant massage, we highly recommend that you use only pure of this type. Almond oil comes with vitamin E helping your baby to have soft and supple skin and smelling great as well! Did we mention that this type can also use even in the summer season? Being rich in vitamin E makes it possible.

Aside from the ones mentioned above, here are the following oils that are best for babies that have dry and sensitive skin type:

  • Calendula Oil – this essential oil guarantees to give your babies that soothing effect. It has a mild smell that will never irritate your little one’s nose.
  • Tea Tree Oil – this oil is also known to have antiseptic properties.  Just mix a few drops of this natural oil to a carrier oil, and it is ready to use for your massage session with your baby.
  • Chamomile oil – this excellent oil is the right choice if the baby has skin rashes or has sensitive skin. Traditionally, chamomile oil is used to treat insomnia to both adults and babies. It is also known to help treat colic, ensuring that your baby will have a sound sleep after the massage.

The above are just some of the great oils that are safe to use for infant massage. You might be wondering why these are just a few of the many oils that we have mentioned earlier in this article. For instance, you may have heard that olive oil and mustard oil can also be used for baby massage. However, these oils should be avoided, especially if your little one has eczema or has dry and sensitive skin.

If you still can’t make up your mind as to which to choose among the oils listed above, you can also go for the one that matches the season in your place. But which oil is best for baby massage? Coconut oil is the safest choice.