What is perineal massage and how is it done?

Perineal massage is a manual and gentle stretching that is directed on the pelvic floor muscles and skin near or between the rectum and vagina and for the birth of your baby. It is ideal when you are about 34 weeks pregnant. It is mostly done twice or once a week. When done regularly, it lowers the dangers of episiotomy that is related to delivery.

The process of doing perineal massage

The best way is to consult a pelvic floor therapist to help with the work. But due to the Covid-19 movement from one place to another is restricted; thus, DIY massage is recommended. Follow the following tips for an effective massage.

Keep your hands clean.

Because you are pregnant, you should make sure that your hands are very clean to avoid contamination. Cut your nails to prevent injuring your inner tissues. Additionally, short nails are easy to clean. Pick a posture that is convenient for you. Some people like standing while putting one leg on the chair. Others may prefer lying on a couch or doing it in a shower. Remember that a warm bath is recommended during this massage to make your skin tender.

The actual massage process

Look for either sunflower oil, coconut oil, or vitamin E oil and rub it on it on your thumbs, figures, perineum region, and opening of your vagina. Insert the thumbs in the vagina push them against the walls until you feel stretching feeling. Try doing the massage in a U-shaped way. Push your thumbs towards the perineum then back. Do this for more than one minute for a start. We time you can do it for about four to five minutes.

Find a routine that is comfortable and works for you, then stick to it. Perineal massage is enjoyable and painless. If you feel some pain, try to reduce pressure and increase it gradually. You can also reduce the frequency of doing it to reduce pain further. During your last days, when you are about seven months pregnant, it may be hard to do. That is where Urban Massage experts come in. These are professionals who are ready to help you out. Like any other company in the world, they have laid down efficient Coronavirus preventive measures to protect you when you visit them. For details and consultation visit Urban Massage.