How to give yourself a scalp massage

Massages have a therapeutic effect when done correctly. Going to the salon might not always be favourable as it costs time and money. It concentrates on the sensitive parts while taking the experience anywhere you go.

Tips on Self-scalp Massage

Use your fingertips – they touch the nerve ending of your scalp, awakening your veins. Avoid using your nails as they harbour dirt and might transfer the germs to your scalp. Also, nails may bruise your scalp due to excessive force applied and the sharp edges.
Divide your hair into smaller portions – it ensures maximum concentration on your head, without skipping some parts. It also works better if you start from the bottom going to the top, not random. However, remember that the concentration is on your scalp, not your hair.
Use warm oil – hair-friendly oil and products and apply directly to your scalp. It soothes your scalp. After your scalp massage, you can combine shampoo treatment and condition your hair. Not only will you have a healthy scalp, but also clean, strong, and healthy hair.

Benefits of Self-scalp Massage

  • Stimulation of hair growth – Everyone loves good hair. Self-scalp massage stimulates the hair follicles, and the effects are long and healthy hair. If done over time, your hair will remain flawless and appealing, much to your desire. It also prevents it from breaking, especially when combing.
  • Boosting your heads neuro system – every part of our body has nerve endings. Stimulation of these nerves creates a good balance within the nervous system.
  • Home remedy for migraines – By giving your scalp a massage, your fingertips eases any muscle tension that you have on your forehead. It also increases the oxygenated blood flow through your veins. This also alleviates headaches, translating to better moods.

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