How much does a sports massage cost?

If you participate in sporting activities, then sore muscles are part of your daily life. Getting a sports massage is of great importance. It is essential to understand how much a massage session will cost you to plan.

Factors affecting the price of a sports massage

  • Location – You can have your massage session at the therapist’s place or your home or office. If you prefer at home or office, you will have to incur the therapist’s travel fees, which will add to the service cost.
  • Length of the session – the average cost of hiring a masseuse for a one-hour session in the UK is between £50 to £130. Pricing per session varies based on location, equipment used, experience, and other administrative costs.
  • The number of masseuses – the more masseuse you need, the more you will pay. However, if you get more from the same company, discounts and economies of scale will lower the cost per unit.
  • The costs may vary depending on the region and zip code. Similarly, if the location is an urban area, the prices will be higher because of the operational costs.
  • Many of the massage therapists charge by the hour. However, if you are looking to have several massage sessions, a package is cheaper.

How to save money on your next sports massage

  1. Consider visiting the therapist’s parlour rather than in-home or office massage sessions.
  2. Even though you might have time during weekends, consider booking weekday appointments. There is no long queues, and the probability of getting a discount is higher.
  3. Book a 60-minutes massage unless you have an injury that requires more time.
  4. Book a package deal to get a discount.
  5. If specific injuries can be covered by insurance providers, discuss with your therapist to accept insurance.
  6. Find out from massage therapists near you whether they give out first-time discounts.

The cost will be higher if you add on extras such as hot stones.

It is common to tip between 10% and 20% depending on your satisfaction.